Theatre of Transformation supports and celebrates 
the emerging power of humanity 
to create new paradigms of power and shape our shared future.

‘When we find our power
within ourselves and with each other,
We have the power to change anything in the world’
– grassroots women leaders of slums of Mumbai India (coro-India.org)


The world today appears to be on a high-speed trajectory towards man-made destruction.
Complex crises are multiplying without resolution, causing incalculable human suffering and environmental devastation.
Yet, across the planet, ordinary people are rising, in ever-greater numbers,
To respond to calamity with creativity, and to brutality with humanity.
World leaders, wielding immense military, economic and political power,
have been unwilling and unable to resolve the untrammelled horrors of war,
whether in Syria, Palestine, Sudan or elsewhere.
Yet men, women, youth and children, with no resources or material power,
have tapped the unfathomable depths of their humanity
to protect, support and act in solidarity with each other
despite the risks to their own lives.
Global institutions and policy makers have fallen grossly short in adopting adequate strategies to reverse climate chaos.
Yet, citizens of the world have converged their energies and ingenuity to demand, design and demonstrate real solutions to the climate crisis. We are witnessing today the emergence of the full power of humanity
as people of all backgrounds reimagine and reshape our world.

Theatre of Transformation supports and celebrates 
this emergent power of humanity.