New forms of economic and social solidarity are burgeoning everywhere: corporate social responsibility, social businesses, non-profit enterprises, civic movements…
Theatre of Transformation Academy proposes a form of solidarity that is simultaneous, mutually reinforcing, exponential – and egalitarian.

How Does it Work?
Traditionally, all forms of charity or development work carry a tacit presumption that we are better off than those we seek to help.
In Theatre of Transformation Academy’s performances and activities, participants are inspired by the real-life testimonies of individuals and organizations that have overcome challenges to initiate visionary change, and guided by their wisdom. The implicit power radiated in these testimonies catalyzes our own capacity to effect transformation in our lives. We now view them with empathy and respect as our peers. We are moved to contribute towards an improvement in their circumstances no longer out of charity, but out of a mutual desire to support the transformation they have undertaken in their lives, just as they have triggered realization and transformation in our lives through the power of their stories.

The Financial Basis of Our Philosophy
Participants in Theatre of Transformation Academy’s commissioned performances and programmes have the satisfaction of knowing that their participation fees or tickets directly fund the transformative peace and justice missions to support many of the specific individuals, communities, organisations or countries whose testimonies they witnessed and were inspired by.
The financial basis of Theatre of Transformation is that all proceeds received, after operating costs and collaborators’ fees are paid off, go directly to finance Transformative Peace and Justice Missions and/or programmes for crisis-affected persons in Home for Humanity or elsewhere.
Due to low operating costs and minimal fees charged by collaborators, 50% or more of proceeds can be directed to our peace programmes and humanitarian initiatives. Thus, the potential impact of each of the Academy’s activities to be of benefit not only to participants but also to communities in crisis through the circles of solidarity philosophy is enormous.
Participants may also feel impelled to directly contact and support any partner organization they feel drawn towards, through Theatre of Transformation’s community website.

How Circles of Solidarity Spread to Create Positive Change
As the diverse participants in Theatre of Transformation Academy’s programmes and events around the world begin to adapt and apply the approach to their own contexts, new stories are scripted and enacted and new circles of solidarity are created.
One by one, all of us begin to listen more deeply to each other, to step into each other shoes. We are increasingly inspired by each other’s stories to enact transformation in our own lives and in society. Circles of solidarity multiply as they are woven around the globe, and gradually, they connect us all to each other.
Ultimately, we realize that ‘they’ are ‘us’ – that ‘they’ are in ‘us’, just as ‘we’ are in ‘them’.
We realize that individually and collectively, we have the power to reshape our present and redesign our future.
We discover that as we transform the paradigms in our lives and societies, we are also enabling others to transform their lives and effect systemic change in their societies. We discover the mutuality and multiplier effect of creating circles of solidarity.

We invite you to support our circles of solidarity and to create your own!

Circles of Solidarity as a Novel Form of Corporate Giving and Corporate Social Responsibility
We invite companies of conscience committed to a CSR or corporate giving policy to partner with us in creating circles of solidarity. We work with you to design programmes that meet your organization’s specific needs while activating the circles of solidarity philosophy. You not only experience the impact of our transformative programmes, but also have the satisfaction of knowing that your investment in your company’s and team’s transformation contributes simultaneously to supporting transformation of crisis-affected communities and pioneering grassroots organizations you feel drawn to support.

Creating Circles of Solidarity in your Life, Organization and Community
We invite you to integrate this philosophy into your own life and work, in your own distinctive way, and to experience the difference it makes.
Feel free to contact us to discuss how you might adapt this philosophy to suit your particular organization or community, or how to apply it in your own life.