Our Transformative Peace and Justice Missions provide direct support to communities who are caught in and responding to crisis. These peace missions are always undertaken with trusted local partner organisations. The missions offer safe spaces where people can voice their stories of suffering, as well as their journeys towards strength. They offer empowering workshops where people are encouraged and provided tools to express their visions for the future and the wisdom they have distilled through their travails. They offer tailored training adapting the transformative methodology of Theatre of Transformation to their context and applying it to face and transform the obstacles they face in their lives and societies.

During these missions, feedback is provided to individuals and communities on how their stories were portrayed in various programmes around the world and the impact they had on diverse audiences. Circles of solidarity ripple out as people feel deeply heard, supported and gratified to know that their lives matter and their messages inspire people in distant places. This feedback often triggers new insights in them. Often, they share specific messages they want to communicate to new audiences, and these are rescripted and transmitted, thus breathing new life into their stories and into Theatre of Transformation performances.

The proceeds also fund occasional retreats, workshops and festivals that bring people, especially women, youth and artists, from crisis-affected societies to Europe, specifically to Home for Humanity. These workshops not only provide them an occasion to share their stories with each other and with European audiences, but also provide them with an invigorating respite from the stresses of their lives in conflict.