WHY – OUR PURPOSE: ‘Amplifying the Power of Humanity’
Theatre of Transformation supports and celebrates
the emerging power of humanity
to enact our shared future.

Our Purpose is to enact new paradigms of power to shape our shared future.     

Our Philosophy is to create circles of solidarity  between people of diverse cultures to nurture transformation simultaneously in our own lives and in the lives of others, while generating resources for our peace missions.

Our Peace Missions honour the voices, visions and wisdom of the ‘extraordinary ordinary people in conflict zones’ and nurture their innate power to transcend injustice and build peace.

Our Principle is to foster a gift economy, where all members can contributes their unique skills.

Theatre of Transformation Academy contributes towards the emergence of a gift economy, or a gifting culture, based on principles of sharing and abundance.
Traditionally members are expected to contribute a monetary fee for membership in associations.
All members of our transformative community are invited to contribute any of their gift/s that give/s them pleasure – their talents, skills or resources – while contributing to the aims of this Academy and enriching our shared community. The community in turn cherishes, cultivates and amplifies the gifts of each of its members for the greater good.
We invite our donors and supporters too to offer their contributions as gifts, rather than as conventional ‘donations’ or ‘grants’, to support the realization of our aims, and to partake in this culture of gifting.