The Bahatizz (DR Congo)

The Bahatizz are Recording Artists, Performers, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers and Philanthropists. Four passionate sisters; Sylvie, Rachel, Francine and Odette Bahati, raising awareness and restoring hope through the universal language of music.

Their story began in Kiliba in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. A region whose natural beauty belies the violence its people have continued to endure. At a young age, they were forced to flee their home, travelling hundreds of kilometres before finally reaching safety in Uganda in 2002, where they spent ten years of their lives.

In late 2009, they formed Thebahatizz, a music group where they found solace in their shared passion for singing. As their music spread across the region, they shared their music on the big stage in East Africa and they received multiple awards, amongst them was Best Female Hip Hop group of the year. In 2013, four months following their arrival in Winnipeg/Manitoba, the ladies placed first in “Band on the Run”, a local competition that highlights the top talents in the city. In 2014, out of thousands of musicians who entered CBC’s Searchlight Contest, Thebahatizz were among the top 25 musicians in Canada.

In 2014, Thebahatizz released their EP album of 6 songs among them were two humanitarian songs which led to the launch of “Stop Violence –Spread Love” campaign to raise funds for the survivors of sexual violence at the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, founded by Dr. Denis Mukwege, Right Livelihood Award laureate.

In 2015 the girls went back to Uganda, to perform at the Uganda Entertainment Awards and also did their first humanitarian music tour as a way to ‘Pay It Forward’. They partnered with the UNHCR, Ugandan Youth Education in Karamoja, Judith Heard Foundation and an orphanage run by a compassionate woman in Kampala. They also partnered with Bright Angel Primary School, a local school that sponsored the education of their two younger sisters.

Thebahatizz are determined not to forget their roots. They intend to continue to use their musical talents to speak out against sexual violence in conflicts and to campaign for human rights, lend a helping hand and PAY IT FORWARD to the world for providing them with sanctuary in their time of need.

In 2014, the Manitoba Legislative Assembly appointed them to be Peace Ambassadors and in 2015 they won the best Diaspora group of the year Award by Viga Awards Uganda 2015/2016.

Thebahatizz believe every refugee girl deserves an education and deserves a second chance and a place to call home no matter what part of the world they are in.  Support their foundation:

Collaborative event with Theatre of Transformation, Women, War and the Human Spirit: Winnipeg Art Gallery with Global College, University of Winnipeg, 6 June 2014: