Thais Corral (Brazil)
Founder, SINAL, Co-Chair of the Global Leadership Network

“I am connecting with you all today from the Sertao, the semi-arid region of Brazil. This is a place where women and the community have braved a very tough journey of transformation. In Brazil, it has been a tough journey of transformation. Theatre has been important in this journey. Theatre has always been a place where we can express our authenticity. Theatre of Transformation for me is so much aligned with what the moment is calling from us all.” 

Thais Corall was recognized as “Woman of the year 2001” by the Brazilian National Council of Women. She is also the recipient of the “100 Heroines Award” and the “Award Abril Mulher” for her contribution to the improvement of the status of women in Brazil. She is Founder of Sinal do Vale, a platform that educates youth on embracing social entrepreneurial projects and helps identify opportunities that articulate synchronicity, innovation and well-being. She is the co-chair of the global Leadership Network.

As part of the Women’s Global Movement, Thais Corral was one of the leaders who actively participated at the Earth Summit in 1992. Together with American Congress representative, Bella Abzug and Nobel Award winner, Wangari Mathaai, she founded Women’s Environment and Development Organization.

Thais is the founder and current director of two established and nationally recognized non-profit organizations in Brasil: Rede de Desenvolvimento Humano (REDEH) and Communication, Education and Information on Gender (CEMINA). As a social entrepreneur, Thais conceived and implemented a woman’s radio network which links 400 female radio programs to their communities throughout Brazil.

Thais holds a master degree from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. She serves on the advisory board of Ethical Market Place, Mercado Etico and the Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption.
She also coordinates the Adapta Sertao Project which received a SEED Award in 2008 for its innovative contribution in sustainable development. Adapta Sertao is internationally referenced as a valuable model in creating adaptive strategies to climate change conditions in semi-arid regions of the world. Recently she also founded the Center for Innovation and Sustainability Vista Alegre, that focuses on strategies to build resilient communities in peri-urban settings.