Syria / Turkey

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Syria Civil Defence, Syria/Turkey
Syria Civil Defence: We are a group of nearly 3000 volunteers who work to save lives and strengthen communities in Syria. We rush to the scene of attacks to save the greatest number of lives in the shortest possible time and to minimise further injury to people and damage to property.
We are a neutral and impartial organisation. We do not to pledge allegiance to any political party or group. We serve all the people of Syria – we are from the people and we for the people.
All members of Syria Civil Defence are required to make the following pledge of allegiance:
I, ..(State name)…share the Civil Defence ideal of protection and assistance for all.
I pledge to fulfil all missions which will be entrusted to me in the spirit of the fundamental values of Civil Defence which are neutrality, impartiality and humanity.

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Mayday Rescue, Istanbul, Turkey

Our core belief is that the most resilient communities are those that are able to help themselves. By building capacity among those members of the community that enjoy the highest levels of trust and by concurrently linking the delivery of essential community-level services to legitimate, representative and competent governance actors, Mayday brings hope and help to vulnerable populations in insecure environments and builds sustainable and resilient communities.

Our mission is to save lives and strengthen communities. Working on a not-for-profit basis, we partner with communities that are entering, enduring, or emerging from conflict or natural disasters by providing training and equipment, advocacy and outreach, and organisational capacity building for grassroots emergency response groups at the local, regional and national levels.