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Sujata Khandekar (India)
Co-Founder CORO-India; PhD candidate, TISS)

“CORO has been working for 27 years with the most marginalized people in India. In CORO, we are talking about transformation from victim to change maker, to leader. We believe that the sense of fragmented identity prohibits people from taking action for their own development and for their own community. Transformation is more about expanding inner space and reflection. It is about taking their stories to different levels. Theatre of Transformation brings stories to different levels, and touches the hearts of the people. Identity shift is so easy while watching Theatre of Transformation performances. Actually all art can do this. There is a space for co-creation. We need this kind of interaction so much, because globally we are all in difficult times. We need to amplify the voices of people today!”

Sujata is the co-founder of CORO. She was formerly an assistant engineer in Mahaarshtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) in Mumbai when she was deputed for adult literacy related work initiated by the government of Maharsahtra and CORO. She received an MA in Gender, Education and International Development from the University of London and was a fellow in the Leadership Development Program of MacAthur Foundation (India). Sujata has authored a book in Marathi titled “Aashevin Aasha (Hope without Hope), based on her community related work. She has represented CORO in national and international forums and has contributed to many publications.

Sujata is currently also pursuing her PhD on ‘Meanings of Women Empowerment’ with a focus on collective knowledge building from the grassroots.