Safi Al Hafez (Syria)
Founder-Conductor, International Choir of Stuttgart, Founder, Mosaico association for refugee artists

“I see a lot of intersections between our visions in the Theatre of Transformation Academy and the Mosaico association I have created to support refugee artists and musicians. What I learned from all the challenges I went through as a refugee from Syria in Europe is that at the bottom of all the suffering we find the diamond of who we really are. So we need not be afraid. I love the idea of this amazing mixture between artists and cultural, social and academic supporters who would like to join us. I would like to congratulate all of you on this day of launching of the Theater of Transformation Academy, and in this day of justice all over the world.” 

Safi is a singer, Oud and piano player, and composer.
He is the Conductor of the International Choir of the Theatre of the State in Stuttgart, and received wide acclaim in Germany.
Safi created ‘Mosaico’ to support refugee musicians and artists. He was forced to flee the war in Syria and became a refugee.
He underwent all the difficulties of asylum seekers in Europe.
He is frequently invited to address international conferences on refugee issues.
Safi has performed widely across Europe. He studied business management and worked in several companies while pursuing his passion for music across cultures. He has also studied music intensively in Spain, including Spanish guitar, Flamenco and music therapy.

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