Dr. Meera Sethi (India)
Special Envoy, UN International Organization for Migration

“After 25 years of working in the area of international migration for the UN International Organization on Migration, I am now going to be part of this journey of the Theatre of Transformation Academy. In 2015, its 70th anniversary, the United Nations adopted the sustainable development goals with the slogan of ‘Leaving No One Behind’. This, this is an important element that I would like to see come together into all the different elements that we are visualizing as part of our move forward with the Theatre of Transformation Academy. What I bring to the Academy is many years of working with labor, working with migrants, fighting at every level for refugees’ and migrants’ rights, whether it is at the policy level with governments, or at the grassroots level, seeing that the small groups and marginalized communities have a voice, and ensuring that their needs and voices are heard”.