Photo Maryann

Maryann Perrone (America/France)
Dancer, choreographer, educator and social activist

Maryann Perrone has worked in the dance field for over 30 years, as a dancer, choreographer, educator and social activist. She is an American/Irish citizen, and a French resident.

Maryann holds the French terminal degree in dance and pedagogy, and as head of the dance department at the National School of Music, Dance and Theater in Villeurbanne, France, her mission was to create a department comprised of diverse dance styles and traditions. Another important part of her job was to build relationships with the surrounding community, one also comprised of diverse cultures and nationalities.

While at the conservatory, she co-created cross-cultural projects linking schools and community centers in Birmingham, England and Lyon, France. The premise was to find pathways, through the use of dance and the arts, to connect people and to bridge the gap between social and cultural barriers. The aim was to prepare an environment where cultures and points of view could converge, where individuals could learn from one another and could move towards self-discovery and supportive interaction. 

Maryann has always been interested in discovering what way dance can go beyond the studio and its technical dimension, to becoming a tool for social interaction and communication. She completed her Masters in Anthropology of Dance in 2011, focusing primarily on dance as an embodied and transformative experience in social, political or educational realms. For her research material, she had the opportunity to participate in The Academy at Dance United in London, England. This program initiates social inclusion through dance and choreography for young offenders and youth at-risk. 

Maryann has been a dance artist and professor for the National Center of Dance in Lyon, France since 2001. Most recently, her job has been to train and guide young professional dancers for the National Diploma of Dance.

Over the last three years, Maryann has had the wonderful opportunity to build dance initiatives with Intersections International, a New York City based NGO that defends human rights and intercultural/interfaith dialogue. Today, she is thrilled and honored to become an active participant of the Theatre of Transformation Academy.