Liliane de Toledo (Switzerland)
Convenor of ‘Rencontres de Shanti’, former Red Cross delegate

“As we talk about circles and networks, which are the key to the future, I would like to share how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. When a caterpillar goes into the cocoon, in the body of the caterpillar new cells appear, which are called the imaginative cells, and they keep on pumping…in the first step, the immune system of the caterpillar destroys them, until there are enough of them and then they come together to create some kind of a network which takes control of the body of the caterpillar, which collapses. Then the imaginative cells, all together, create a new being, which is the butterfly. It is not only a metaphor, but a wonderful image that shows how it is important to come together and join to really make a change happen.”