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Joe Ross, author, poet, and social strategy designer (USA/France)



“The transformation has begun and it is not always easy . . . expect more difficulties as we shift into a world were all can be understood as either information which is highly connected and instantaneous, or process and flow; and we optimize under the following principles:
-from hierarchical fixed order to distributed, increasingly autonomous, distributed meshes
-from ownership and possession to access and use
-from governments and sovereignty to governance and purpose driven interdependence
-from competition and scarcity based fear to cooperation and abundance based trust and sharing
-from organized religions and dogma to multi-faceted spirituality and nature grounded reverence
-from isolation based independence and freedom to mutual responsibility and unity
-from rational, reductive, fact based truth to dynamic co-learning fluidly adaptable experience
-from products and things to less fixed actionable use based emergences 
-from ego based gendered identity to compassion centered recognized interconnection of all life
-from linear narrative driven fixed media to sampled and remixed multi-temporal expression
-from tribal, family, or romantic based love to coherently aligned all-encompassing new love
This new love, which extends beyond the known and unknown, is what we are living into, despite the challenges we see every day; it is the best possible solution to our current human made difficulties.
Strength in solidarity, happiness in the collective, meaning in action, love in belonging – Onward.”
Author, Poet, and Social Strategy Designer, Joe Ross works in developing new thinking around issues intertwining social, economic, and governance concerns often including the Arts as a transformational vehicle for positive change.  Interested in Cultural event-creation and former marketing specialist at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, in Washington, D.C.; he has served in the capacity of Chief of Policy and Senior Advisor to prominent institutions, foundations, and governments including: The Tallberg Foundation in Stockholm; PlaNet Finance in Paris; and the City of San Diego, California.  He lives in Paris and works as the Chief Strategy Officer and Presentation Director, for Ideas on Stage, where he designs campaigns and presentations aimed at assisting transformational processes. He is the author of over 14 books and his latest online poetic community building project can be found here: