Jeannie Amash (USA/Palestine): pioneer of Tree Water fund to plant a million trees in Gaza.

My vision began in August, 2017 with the concept of planting one million trees in the Gaza Strip by people of diverse backgrounds. This vision has expanded to include the West Bank, as well as planting a million seeds of possibility for peace, safety, security, and sustenance in the entire region. Being of Palestinian heritage, as well as having Jewish ancestry, I am keen to see collaboration on this multi-faceted issue. Just returning from a 3 month stay in Israel and the West Bank, I witnessed the fear and oppression visible on both sides. I witnessed the powerful testimonies of many Palestinians, who even though they have experienced extreme oppression, imprisonment, deaths of family members at the hands of settlers and other atrocities unreported in the news media, still hold a beacon of hope for freedom and humanity. I spoke with Israelis who desired peace and unity with their neighbors. I spoke my vision and received assistance from powerful advocates for humanity on both sides of the border. My pilot project is underway, the planting of 100 olive trees in Gaza, as well as food crops and installing 3 water pipeline systems. 

I have been a professional esthetician for the last eight years. My history also includes a degree in dance, street theatre performances relating to peace and justice issues, women’s representative to the Green Party USA in 1994, organic gardener, homesteader, and mother of 3 extraordinary young adults who I raised primarily on my own.