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Javier Ormeno Castro (Peru): former humanitarian coordinator, International Federation for Red Cross and Red Crescent, currently MA student in human rights, University College London.

“My first encounter with the Theatre of Transformation was unexpected. I went to an event expecting a monotone academic talk and Bam! A polychrome interactive experience made my heart pump. While keeping myself composed, both my suit and my tie in place, I thought ‘I want to do this’. Some years later, I crossed paths with this initiative again. This time, during a year I took for reflecting on my experience, acquiring more skills and explore my different interests. I understood at glance that the Theatre of Transformation would help me put all together.

Because of this, transformation for me is putting things together. Rather than creating ex-nihilo or radically breaking with the past, we take all this experiences and memories scattered by time or shattered by violence and compose something new. The beauty of transformation is adapting to the new times and showing the memory of the past. It is important for societies and people to come in peace with their history, to tale a story that build on collective experience, and to create a better place for all. I want to be part of this global process of transformation knowing that for that I have to embody transformation myself.”

After studying philosophy and working in academics in Peru, Javier joined the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. For eight years his roles focused on information management and coordination. He was involved in planning and managing projects in the Americas, Europe and Middle East, ranging from emergency response, disease prevention, and attention to complex-protracted issues as the refugee crisis in Turkey. Since 2013, Javier is research advisor of the on-line Humanitarian Diplomacy Certification (Diplo Foundation /University of Malta). In 2016, he joined the University College London MA in Human Rights and he currently hold student representation positions for the Political Science Department and the LGBT+ community. Javier considers all his endeavours as a learning process in which the incumbents get to know themselves better while improving their skills and capacities to make the world a better place. In 2017, he joined the Theatre of Transformation Academy team.

His more academic interests include phenomenology of body, perception, embodiment, emotions, transitional justice and reconciliation. Among his less academic ones: healing, meditation and mindfulness, kintsugi, pottery, textures, folklore, comparative religions.