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George Por (Hungary/USA)
Founder, Community Intelligence and Enlivening Edge

“I had an evolutionary epiphany; of humanity awakened to collective consciousness, collective intelligence, collective wisdom and collective sentience. It has to do with a tremendous amount of transformation at each level, so we become a network of co-creative communities, co-creative democratic organizations, that are optimal for each of us to become absolutely our best. The dark of night lasts much longer before the dawn comes, because the fear of the future cannot be alleviated unless we show how beautiful life can be, unless we show it in our lives, in our communities and in our organizations. Alone none of us can do much, together we can do what is needed”. 

George Por is an explorer, advisor and mentor of integral mindfulness. “Integral mindfulness” refers not to a thing or a new philosophy, but to a way to live in the world, which we can discover and enjoy when we bring the gifts of our mindful presence to everything we do, as individuals, communities, and organisations.

George keeps moving the edge of that exploration in his own life, with his clients and fellow explorers. He pioneered such theoretical and methodological frameworks, as knowledge ecology, knowledge gardening, innovation architecture, and Chaordic Chat.

His current research interests include: shared mindfulness, community learning and development, learning regions and society, (global-scale) collective intelligence and wisdom, evolutionary guidance systems, global brain studies, global solution networks, and the emergence of higher “we-spaces.”

George is available to use research-based foresight to support projects and initiatives for boosting community learning and regional knowledge and innovation ecosystems. He has also been working as an advisor to early-stage and mature tech and media companies that want to reap the benefits of being first movers of disruptive innovation.

A pioneer of virtual communities since the early 80’s, George has been designing and guiding 100s of professional online communities on dozens platforms. He served as the Chief Architect of the International Society for Systems Sciences’ Collective Intelligence Initiative, and has been an advisor to the Integral City collective.

Besides being the Founder and Senior Consultant of Community Intelligence Ltd, George is also a Fellow of Future Considerations, an award winning organisational transformation agency. His clients included Campus de Excelencia Internacional Cataluña Sur, Climate and Development Knowledge Network, European Commission, European Investment Bank, Ford Motor Co., Greenpeace, Intel, Shell, UN Development Programme, World Wildlife Foundation, and numerous other organisations around the world.

George’s signature projects included: designing and coaching the implementation of a “communities of practice” strategy for boosting the collective intelligence of a regional innovation ecosystem in Spain; conducting an “attention leadership” action research to help executives in high-tech companies “attend to more things, at a faster rate, without becoming overloaded or dysfunctional; developing a “communities of practice” strategy for national and international government agencies; and designing the innovation architecture of a global, multi-stakeholder event involving governments, NGOs, and the private sector.

George facilitates evolutionary transformation in individuals and systems. He serves as strategic learning partner to future-responsive leaders in business, civil society, government, and multi-stakeholder networks. He’s been fortunate to immerse himself in numerous cultures, branches of evolutionary spirituality and wisdom traditions, which have enriched his life and inspired him to “pay it forward:” Today, in his mentoring practice, George blends the wisdom of contemplative arts with web-based communication tools. As a mentor, George draws on the principles and practices of Transparent Communication, Action Learning, Appreciative Inquiry, U Process, and Wisdom Council. In his mentoring work George is guided by an insight of Thomas Hübl: “Only what you are, what you have realized and embodied, can you support in others.”

He is also a co-founder of the School of Commoning, a community Interest Company focused on education and research for a commons culture and social renewal. George is an independent scholar, whose academic posts included London School of Economics, INSEAD, University of Amsterdam, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Integral Studies, Université de Paris, and University of Lund (Sweden).

He’s a sought-after speaker at professional conferences. George has been publishing the Blog of Collective Intelligence since 2003, has written over 100 papers and articles on related subjects in 6 languages, and contributed chapters to several books, including: Evolutionary Leadership: integral leadership for an increasingly complex world; Collective Intelligence: creating a prosperous world at peace; Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies; Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business; and Briefing book for President-Elect Bill Clinton’s Transition Team (1992).