Elif Tibet (Turkey)
Filmmaker on refugees and human rights, PhD candidate in visual anthropology

After graduating from Istanbul Bilgi University (Economics / BA), Elif spent a year in India, working as a fundraiser for an MBA university (www.isb.edu). It is there, that she realised her passion for documenting and living among different cultures.  Elif then went on to study in the UK as an Mphil student on Social Anthropology at the University of Kent (2013).

Elif has spent two years researching the human-environmental relationships between the cave dwellers of Cappadocia, with their environments, dwelling spaces and pigeons. She also produced her first documentary film as part of the graduate thesis, which she called “28 Days on the moon” (January 2012).  Written and filmed by herself, the documentary plays a homage to her roots and ancestors in Cappadocia, Turkey. The film raises local perceptions on tourism development and advocates for the local livelihoods and different dwelling perspectives in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Protected Area.

Having the documentary film screened in various festivals around the world; New Zealand, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, www.28daysonthemoon.weebly.com , it has since been broadcasted by Turkey’s foremost documentary TV Channel, IZ TV, June 2012 -June 2013.


The upcoming documentary films that Elif has produced are:

  • Amchi” on Tibetan Doctors: www.amchithefilm.com taken in Ladakh / India (November 2013).
  •  on the aspiring Congolese musician and refugee Enzo Ikah’s musical journey, taking place in Istanbul (2014).

Elif”s Documentary films are under labeled: www.tibettoproductions.weebly.com
Elif’s Commercial works at: www.karmavideomarketing.com