DR Congo


Maman Shujaa- Hero Women Rising

All that we are doing is about one thing; about lifting women, building women, elevating women’s understanding, capacity, and ability to be the women they were created to be, for themselves, their families, and their communities. 
Our mission is executed through programs that bring women together in activities where we not only instill skills and impart practical tools to positively impact their daily lives, but more importantly, working alongside one another, we’re planting and cultivating seeds of truth regarding the significance (power), value, and role of women in humanity, that individually and collectively we may contribute our part(s) to right-side up our world.
The programs are about creating vehicles for women to discover the gift that they are and the gifts that they embody; to enable them to develop and employ those gifts in such a way as to release those gifts, that they might then follow the path of destiny that their gift creates for them.
Our goal is that every woman develops the constitution and capacity to speak and act on her own behalf, being the agent of change for her world.