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Collin Sekajugo & Ivuka Arts (Rwanda)

Collin Sekajugo is on a mission to “use art to change lives.” Over the last two years, these words have become more than a credo for the self-taught artist, who has dedicated himself to founding and directing Ivuka Arts Kigali: an ambitious arts project that aims to develop Rwanda’s contemporary cultural heritage by honing the skills of promising young artists and providing platforms for their exposure.
Since its inception in 2007, Ivuka has become the face of Rwandan art to both the national and international communities alike. In the last 2 years Ivuka has become the most sought-after fine arts destination for expatriates and diplomats in Rwanda. Yet despite this incredible success, Ivuka Arts Founder and Director Collin Sekajugo still envisions the studio primarily as a place where art is used to change lives.
Through Ivuka’s mentoring program, artists who formerly struggled to make a living are honing their skills, finding platforms for exposure, and gaining name recognition. Children who formerly begged on the streets are finding hope and educational opportunities through RwaMakondera, Ivuka’s traditional dance troupe.
In a very real sense, Ivuka has become more than “The Rebirth of Contemporary Rwandan Art”. It has become the start of a bright new life for each person it touches.