WHO: Our People and Partners
Cultivating the Power of Community
Theatre of Transformation Academy cultivates and draws inspiration from the power of community. Our work is rooted in and nurtured by a transformative community of change makers enacting transformation locally and globally, all around the world.

Founding Circle Call, February 19, 2017

Our Founding Circle is a diverse mix of eminent and emerging leaders, academics, artists and activists from all continents spanning three generations. Each of them has shaped the Theatre of Transformation with their collaborative inputs and insights. All of them have dedicated their lives to envisioning and enacting local and global transformation in their distinctive ways. They embody the compassion, creativity and wisdom that the Academy aspires to foster. 

Our Core Founding Circle 
who serve as the ‘Executive Committee’ 

Dr. Rama Mani, Founder of Theatre of Transformation, Co-Founder of Rising Women Rising World, Senior Researcher, CIS, University of Oxford (France/India)

Dr. Meera Sethi, former Special Envoy to India, Chief of Mission to Turkey, UN International Organization for Migration (India)

Dr. George Por, Founder, Community Intelligence and Enlivening Edge (Hungary/USA)

Pius Leutenegger, Founder, Ompio Retreat Centre, formerly civic official, Berne (Switzerland)

Prof. Alexander Schieffer, Co-Founder, Trans4m Centre for Integral Development; Lecturer, St Gallen University (Germany)

Our Distinguished Co-Creators

William Kelly, humanist artist, laureate Australian Conflict Prevention Award (Australia)

Thais Corral, Founder, SINAL; Co-Chair, Global Leadership Network; Co-Founder, WEDO (Brazil)

Swami Agnivesh, Laureate, Alternative Nobel Prize, Founder Bonded Labour Liberation Front (India)

Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, former Principal, Lady Sriram College; Director WISCOMP (India)

Paul Grant, musician, engaged in reviving musical traditions of war-torn countries (USA/Switzerland)

Sujata Khandekar, Co-Founder CORO-India; PhD candidate, TISS (India)

Ozioma Egwuonwu, Founder, World Dream Day, COO of RWRW (Nigeria/USA)

Genevieve Ancel,Co-Founder, Dialogues in Humanity (France)

Elif Tibet, visual anthropologist and filmmaker on refugee and human rights issues (Turkey)

Our ‘Godmothers’
who inspired and mentored our origins 

Prof. Jean Houston, Chancellor, Meridian University; Co-Founder, Rising Women Rising World (USA)

Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Founder Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct, Co-Founder RWRW, (UK)

Prof. Kalypso Nicolaidis, Director Centre for International Studies, Univ of Oxford (France/Greece)

Zahira Kamal, Secretary-General of Fidah party; former-Minister of Women’s Affairs (Palestine)

Chipo Chung, Theatre actress and peace activist, RADA Council member, Trustee SAFE (Zimbabwe)


Our Distinguished Co-Creators 

Safi Al Hafez, refugee musician, founder Mosaico association to support refugee artists (Syria)

Dr. Corinne Kumar, Initiator World Courts for Women; Founder, Vimochana for women’s rights (India)

Dr. Nancy Roof, Founder-Editor, Kosmos Journal for Global Transformation (USA)

Neema Namadamu, Founder, Maman-Shuja: Hero Women Rising (DR Congo)

Dr. Annette Idler, International relations scholar, dancer, musician choreographer (Germany)

Liliane de Toledo, Convenor of ‘Rencontres de Shanti’, former Red Cross delegate (Switzerland)

Annie Lim, Founder, WE WORLD Network, Luminate Summit (Canada)

Ola Suliman, humanitarian and  peace activist, founding member and Media mentor, Mayday Rescue (Syria)

Enzo Ikah, our collaborating musician and refugee rights activist, performing on World Refugee Day, Palais de France, Istanbul, with UN IOM, UNHCR and French Consulate, 20 June 2014

Our Stewards are emerging transformative leaders from all parts of the world, who have come forward to enact their commitment to shape our shared future. Stewards strengthen their vision and purpose, and cultivate their gifts as future leaders, while simultaneously fulfilling the purpose of the Academy, carrying forward our programmes, and nurturing our transformative community.

Maryann Perrone (USA/Ireland/France). Dancer, choreographer, anthropologist, Professor at Centre Nationale de la Danse (Lyon, France)
(Head of Art of Transformation Programme; Faculty member; Mentor of Stewards) 

Javier Ormeno Castro (Peru): former humanitarian coordinator, International Federation for Red Cross and Red Crescent, currently MA student in human rights, University College London.

Umme Wara (Bangladesh): Lecturer in Criminology, University of Dhaka, Coordinator of Centre for the Study of Genocide and Justice, Liberation Museum, Television presenter.

Muna Al Sheikh (Palestine/Jordan/USA): peacebuilder and leader of interfaith dialogue

Jeannie Amash (USA/Palestine): pioneer of Tree Water fund to plant a million trees in Gaza.

Guylaine Grenier (Canada): lawyer for indigenous rights, former politician, currently MA student at Geneva Academy for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Academy)

Soraya Abouleish (Egypt): Founder-Catalyst of Sekem Environmental Science Centre

Stephania Karasmani (Cyprus): lawyer, intern at the Cyprus Mission to the United Nations, focusing on UN Human Rights Council, MA student at Geneva Academy for Human Rights


Tafadzwa January (Zimbabwe): human rights lawyer specialised in litigating torture cases, currently MA student at Geneva Academy for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Academy)

Abdallah Gad Abdelwahab (Egypt): democracy activist, expert in countering extremism, currently MA student at Geneva Academy.

Nipunika Lecamwasam (Sri Lanka): writer, editor, MA from Central European University, currently MA student at Geneva Academy.

Eunice Ouko (Kenya): former Human Rights Officer for Refugee Law Project, Northern Uganda, currently MA student at Geneva Academy.

Khair Mahmoud (Bangladesh):Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Jagannath University,Dhaka, Bangladesh. Volunteer at Liberation War Museum Legal Team, MA student at Geneva Academy for Human Rights & IHL.

Juan Carlos de la Rosa (Mexico): company manager expert in corporate social responsibility, currently MA student at Geneva Academy for Human Rights & IHL.

Mahbubeh Kuhestani (Iran), human rights activist specialized in women’s issues, currently MA student at Geneva Academy for Human Rights.

Arts workshop at Rising Women Rising World’s Femme Q Summit, Berlin, led by Chipo Chung, with music by Safi al Hafez.

Theatre of Transformation celebrates its creative collaboration with gifted and inspiring artists of all backgrounds and from all continents who share a deep commitment to humanity, and dedicate their artwork to peace and justice. Our circle of artists is constantly widening to embrace like-spirited artists from different cultures. The musicians, dancers, visual artists, theatre and performance artists and filmmakers who have co-created with us in past programmes, and shaped our programmes and process include the following.

Dance and Performing Arts

Maryann Perrone, Head of the Art of Transformation Programme, dancer, choreographer, educator and social activist (USA/France)

Dr. Annette Idler, International relations scholar, dancer, musician, choreographer

Visual Arts

William Kelly, humanist artist, laureate Australian Conflict Prevention Award (Australia)

Tanisha Bhana, self-trained artist (South Africa)

Michel Granger, artist (France)

Collin Sekajugo & Ivuka Arts, contemporary artists (Rwanda)

Poetry and Literature

Joe Ross, author, poet, and social strategy designer (USA/France)


Elif Tibet, visual anthropologist and filmmaker on refugee and human rights issues (Turkey)

Tamara Abu Laban, filmmaker and producer (Palestine)


Paul Grant, musician, engaged in reviving musical traditions of war-torn countries (USA/Switzerland)

Safi Al Hafez, refugee musician, founder Mosaico association to support refugee artists (Syria)

Enzoh Ikah, musician (DR Congo)

The Bahatizz, Recording Artists, Performers, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers and Philanthropists (DR Congo)

Mercan Dede, musician, DJ, producer (Turkey)


Chipo Chung, Theatre actress and peace activist, RADA Council member, Trustee SAFE (Zimbabwe)

Saphira Linden, Artistic Director, pioneer in drama therapy (USA)



Rising Women Rising World Meeting, Berlin June 2016

Theatre of Transformation Academy nurtures close partnerships on all continents with groundbreaking organisations and movements that have pioneered transformative change in the areas of peace, justice, women’s rights, ecology, and human development.

Transformative programmes are held in collaboration with and in support of these partner organisations to effect direct change. We learn from these organizations and their members, while also strengthening their capacities to transform crises into opportunities.

Participatory workshops and events are held with the local communities served by each organization. Here we unearth and amplify the unique voices, visions and wisdom of individuals in these communities, and support them as they express their stories, overcome their trauma, reshape their lives and societies, and share their insights with the wider world.

Powerful stories from each of these communities form part of the repertoire of Theatre of Transformation, and are shared in performances and programmes around the world to inspire and catalyze change in others. Thus we are constantly creating circles of solidarity with our partners around the world.

Humanitarian volunteers of Syria Civil Defence, laureates of Right Livelihood Award 2016.

Academic Partner Institutions

We collaborate with a range of distinguished and emerging universities and academic institutions around the world. We design and offer transformative educational courses, seminars and creative spaces for reshaping paradigms and generating new knowledge. These include:
University of Oxford, Centre for International Studies (UK)
Geneva Centre for Security Policy, GCSP (Switzerland)
St Gallen University (Switzerland)
Geneva Academy for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Switzerland)
Heliopolis University (Egypt)
Lebanese University (Lebanon)
Vishtar Academy of Peace and Justice, Bangalore (India)
Open university, Bangalore (India)
Dar Al Kalima University College (Palestine)

We are inspired by and partner closely with global organizations that are pioneering new approaches to enact transformation around the world.


RWRW, Rising Women Rising World

Jean Houston Foundation: develops international communities of leaders in Social Artistry and human potential to find innovative solutions to critical local and global issues.

TRANS-4-M, is a Local-Global Movement for the integral renewal of people and planet, whose mission is Catalysing Integral Transformation.

KOSMOS Journal, Journal for Global Transformation, aims to inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation for global transformation.

WEWorld Network: is a global community of joyful, abundance-minded entrepreneurs, sharing wisdom and knowledge openly for the highest good for all.

Dialogues en Humanite, is a global forum on the human question, active on all continents, for people of all cultures, backgrounds and ages to weave connections and act together.

World Dream Day, inspires, empowers and ignites citizens of the world to take a stand for what they truly desire for themselves, their families, communities, businesses and the world.

World Future Council, researches, identifies and spread the best policy solutions worldwide to create a sustainable, just and peaceful future for future generations.

Right Livelihood Award Foundation, honours and supports courageous people and organisations offering exemplary solutions to global problems.

Initiatives of Change International, world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, active in 60 countries, committed to the transformation of society


United Nations, Human Rights Day: ‘Transformative Justice’ performance-presentation by MA students of Geneva Academy, with World Future Council and UN team.

Host Organizations

Since January 2014, about 100 tailor-made programmes of Theatre of Transformation on a range of global issues have been offered in collaboration with a range of host organisations or by invitation at international conferences and summits, such as:

United Nations & other inter-governmental & governmental bodies:
United Nations Office in Geneva,
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA),
Joint UN Environmental Emergencies Unit,
UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),
UN Centre for Trade & Development (UNCTAD),
International Organization for Migration (IOM),
United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW)
British Houses of Parliament, London, UK
Consul of France, Istanbul, Turkey.

Academic and Policy Institutions:
University of Oxford, UK (events in partnership with CIS, OxPeace, CCW, ELAC)
The Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva Academy of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Switzerland
Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Switzerland
University of Winnipeg, Canada
University of Dundee, Scotland
Erasmus University College, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Chatham House, London, UK
Graduate Centre, City University of New York, USA
Chartres Wisdom Academy, France
Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon
Dar al Kalima University College, Bethlehem, Palestine
Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India
Jindal Global University, Delhi, India
Lady Sriram College, Delhi, India
Open University, Bangalore, India
Vishtar Academy for Peace and Justice, Bangalore, India


Cultural Institutions, and Cultural and Literary Festivals:
The Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, UK)
Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada
The French Consul and Institut Francais (Istanbul);
World Women festival (Oslo, Norway)
Oxford Literary Festival (Oxford, UK)
Mahmoud Darwich Museum, (Ramallah, Palestine)
India Habitat Centre, (New Delhi, India)
Dialogues en Humanite (Lyon, France)
Fireflies Festival (Bangalore, India)
Place To B – Parallel Platform to the UN Climate Change Conference (Paris, France)

International non-governmental organizations and foundations and national civil society organizations:
Rising Women Rising World
Jean Houston Foundation, Social Artistry Academy, (Ashland, Oregon, USA)
World Future Council, Germany
Initiatives of Change, Switzerland
Right Livelihood Award Foundation, Sweden/Switzerland
Women’s Action Committee and Palestine Centre for Peace and Development, Palestine
Women in International Security and Conflict Management, Delhi, India
CORO and Women’s Federation of Mumbai slums, Mumbai, India
Vimochana for Women’s Rights, Bangalore, India

Leadership and Corporate events:
Human Resources Summit (Istanbul Turkey);
Global Leadership Network (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil);
World Investment Forum (Geneva, Switzerland)
Global Female Leaders Summit (Berlin, Germany);
Women’s International Networking Summit (Rome, Italy); Istanbul Summit on Gender Equality (Bangkok, Thailand)
Femme Q Summit (Berlin, Germany); We World Luminate Summit (online summit, headquartered in Canada)

Prof. Alexander Schieffer, Founder of Trans4m, addressing a forum at ‘Dialogues en Humanity’, Lyon.