The Centre for International Studies is the academic base of the Theatre of Transformation Academy and the birthplace of our transformative methodology.

CIS hosts the ‘Enacting Global Transformation’ Collaborative Initiative in partnership with the Theatre of Transformation Academy. 

The purpose of this initiative is to bring humanity and creativity to the responses of scholars, policy makers, crisis-affected communities and the wider public to political crises, and stimulate new ideas for paradigm change.

The intended impact is to effect a shift in thinking, research, policies and public reactions to global crises of war and governance, as evidenced through new research and initiatives to enact global transformation.

This initiative does not seek to develop detailed piecemeal responses to individual global crises. Rather, it evokes critical rethinking of the unquestioned paradigms of power underlying today’s intertwined crises of war and governance, and fosters humane and creative thinking to shape new paradigms of power that better meet today’s realities and tomorrow’s needs.

Why Now? We stand at the precipice of what could be the most perilous period in human history since the 1930s. We are called now to ‘not merely tinker with piecemeal reform of governance structures that leave the current paradigm of governance intact, but fundamentally… redefine the paradigm of power itself.[1] This collaborative initiative responds to this urgent call of our times by combining transformative theory, practice and policy.

[1] ‘From Dystopia to OURtopia: Charting a Future for Global Governance’, International Affairs, Sp. Issue ‘The UN at 70’, vol 91, No 6, 2015.

Theatre of Transformation originally emerged in the course of an informal academic gathering at the University of Oxford in December 2013. It builds on a series of interdisciplinary research projects conduced at CIS since 2009, addressing mass atrocities and the UN principle of Responsibility to Protect, and the role of religion and culture in peacebuilding and global governance.

Academic Inputs and Collaboration across the University of Oxford:
CIS and numerous partner organizations at the University of Oxford including OxPeace, the Changing Character of War Programme, the Centre for Ethics Law and Armed Conflict and the Ashmolean Museum have co-hosted numerous performances and seminars of Theatre of Transformation. Distinguished Oxford scholars from diverse faculty have provided feedback and helped to shape the evolving methodology. Professor Kalypso Nicolaidis, Director of CIS, and Dr. Annette Idler, Director of Studies at the Changing Character of War Programme, serve on the Founding Circle of the Theatre of Transformation Academy, thus strengthening the bridge between the academic, policy and practice dimensions of the Academy’s work and grounding our research in the University of Oxford.