Theatre of Transformation Academy taps into the transformative power of nature and culture to enrich our programmes, and deepens bonds between diverse people and cultures through our bases in different locations.

Artwork by our collaborating artist Michel GRANGER © 2017 – tous droits réservés

As we shape new solutions for the future, we can tap into the transformative power of nature and culture for inspiration and guidance. Each culture offers a fountain of timeless wisdom, values and traditions. Nature is a living encyclopaedia to inform and illuminate our initiatives for renewal.

We work closely with our local and global partners based on all continents. Our activities are offered in all parts of the world in collaboration with our partners and with diverse host organizations. Recent events have been in: Brazil, South Africa, India, Palestine, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, UK, Switzerland, Norway, France, Netherlands, USA, and Canada.

Home for Humanity, France:
Our Academy’s rural campus, multi-cultural community centre, and nature sanctuary, between Geneva, Switzerland and Lyon France.  

Our urban hub for many of our courses and events, with host organizations like the United Nations, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Geneva Academy for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and ‘Rencontres de Shanti’.

Our academic base, at the Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford, which hosts our interdisciplinary epistemic community, and our collaborative applied research on Enacting Global Transformation, linking scholars, policy makers and practitioners, and universities around the world.

Our southern hub, with our partner organizations like WISCOMP, CORO, Vimochana, Vishtar and Bonded Labour Liberation Movement, shaping our collaborative participatory programmes focusing on social justice, women’s empowerment, migration, and community leadership.

‘Conflict Transformation global leaders’ meeting, Home for Humanity, December 2012

Home for Humanity offers a creative space, located in the midst of nature, enriched by artworks, cultural artifacts and a multi-disciplinary library of books from all parts of the world, for envisioning, expressing and enacting transformation.
Home for Humanity is a cultural academy, a living laboratory, a creative community space, a natural sanctuary, and a simple family home in the French countryside. It is located 75 km from Geneva in Switzerland and 100 km from Lyon in France. Home for Humanity serves as the rural headquarters of two transformative movements: Theatre of Transformation and Trans4m Centre for Integral Development (www.Trans-4-m.com) Several programmes of both organizations are offered in Home for Humanity each year, including multi-cultural events, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses, seminars, leadership labs and integral dialogues.

Closing Circle of intensive Transformation Agents course at Home for Humanity, November 2015

The Philosophy and Practice of ‘Home for Humanity’
In the ancient Vedic scriptures of India, it is written: ‘Vasudevakutumbakam’ – the entire universe is a single family, and ‘Vishwa Eka Nidam’ – the world is a single nest. This wisdom is echoed in all cultures of the world, especially in ancient indigenous cultures. ‘Mitakuye Oyasin’, the concept at the heart of indigenous American wisdom, means, ‘We are all the same family’. ‘Ubuntu’, the philosophy at the core of African cultures means, ‘I exist because you exist.’ This is the vision, philosophy and practice of Home for Humanity.
At Home for Humanity, this ancient wisdom is treated as a living reality. Home for Humanity is a simple space where all people feel connected to and responsible for each other, where everyone feels a sense of belonging, of being ‘at home on earth’. Here, people rediscover that we are not just ON the earth but OF the earth – that we are living parts of our living universe.
Home for Humanity nourishes the awareness of our shared humanity, our cultural diversity, and collective responsibility of care towards each other and towards the planet that sustains us. It activates our creativity to address the challenges we face and transform them into positive outcomes.
Home for Humanity invites us to create transformative spaces wherever we live and work. It invites us to make all our homes places for humanity and creativity. It invites us to be at home within ourselves. It invites us to host this transformative space within us, and to create such transformative spaces wherever we may go on earth.
The Upanishads say: ‘Those who realise that all life is one are at home everywhere and see themselves in all beings.’
Welcome to this ‘home for humanity’, where everyone who enters, whatever their culture, background or age, is welcomed, heard, honoured, and inspired to envision, express and pioneer a positive future for humanity, the earth and the universe.

Integral Peace Festival, September 2016

Weaving the Local Web of Community in Valromey
Home for Humanity is embedded in the local community in the valley of Valromey. It supports and is supported by the multitude of civic, cultural, and ecological associations and local businesses. It nurtures the local economy and collaborates with local associations including the following:
Local Partners:
Mairie of Haut Valromey
Coq’Ain restaurant
Imprimerie CAT (providing employment to disabled persons)
Val d’Or Retreat centre
Val’Muse cultural association
Entre-Autres association for multi-cultural exchange