Transforming Dystopia to OURtopia

Programme Objectives:
This programme’s overall objective is to enact global transformation. It responds to the unresolved systemic crises we face in: governance and politics; economics and finance; climate and ecology; culture and religion. This programme invites us to go beyond piecemeal institutional reform which has failed to bring about adequate change to respond to crises over the past decades of effort. Its objective is to catalyze collective efforts to enact global transformation by reimagining the global architecture and redefining the paradigms that underpin it.
This programme evokes us to ‘co-create tomorrow together today’. It awakens our creative capacity to transform the destructive and divisive dystopia of ‘I, me and mine’ we now live in to an OURtopia of ‘We, us and ours’ based on humanity, solidarity and collective wellbeing.
(This programme synergises and synthesises all the other programmes.)


• University of Oxford, Centre for International Studies
• Trans4m Center for Integral Development
• Rising Women Rising World
• World Future Council
• World Dream Day
• Initiatives of Change
• Kosmos Journal for Transformation
• Dialogues in Humanity
• Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Programme Activities
This programme operates primarily through a collaborative research project/ affiliated programme at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies entitled Enacting Global Transformation.
(i) Epistemic Community: The main activity of this programme is to bring together and sustain a diverse cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary epistemic community of scholars, practitioners, policy makers and activists engaged in enacting global transformation, particularly through innovative and creative means. This is done through an annual conference bringing together diverse members of this epistemic community to exchange and explore new avenues for enacting global transformation.
(ii) Transformative Educational Methodologies: The second activity is to develop and offer transformative educational methodologies for higher education that prepare students to enact global transformation.
(iii) Creative Interactive Platforms: The third activity is to offer creative spaces through interactive performances and seminars to explore new paradigms of power and to envisage new architectures for global governance.