Women for the World

Programme Objectives:
This programme celebrates and empowers women who dare to transcend barriers and rescript history. It connects and supports pioneering women leaders at grassroots, national and global levels on all continents who have been at the frontlines of crisis, and faced grave odds to transform their lives and societies.
This programme also fosters creative collaboration across genders to fulfill the shared aim of ‘co-creating a world that works for all’. Specific programme activities are offered in association with the global initiative, ‘Rising Women Rising World’ (www.risingwomenrisingworld.com)


Programme Activities:
This programme works in collaborative partnership with outstanding and courageous women leaders and women’s organisations on all continents who have pioneered innovative approaches to change the paradigm of power between genders.
• Performances, keynotes, workshops, seminars and courses are provided to champion and strengthen the leadership capacity of emerging and established women leaders.
• Peace, justice and solidarity missions are undertaken in partnership with these women leaders and organisations, to support and strengthen women at the frontlines of crisis.
• ‘Women’s Voices, Visions and Wisdom’ workshops are offered particularly in countries in crisis and in communities where women face violence and injustice. These workshops are a core part of the transformative peace and justice missions undertaken by Theatre of Transformation through the funds raised.
These workshops create safe spaces of deep listening where women can share their stories, and envisage and express their visions. They also are encouraged to articulate the unique wisdom each one has garnered as they faced hardships, and transformed their pain to power. These workshops empower and mutually support women participants to become sources of inspiration, guidance and leadership in their societies.
The voices, visions and wisdom of these women are transmitted and shared with women and men elsewhere around the world to inspire and guide them by their example. They also serve to provide deeper insight and guidance to decision makers.
New paradigms of power are created as women previously considered powerless and voiceless now are given voice to share their visions and wisdom to shape our shared future.
(images of WVVW workshops from Palestine, Turkey (with Syrian/Iraqi refugees), India)


Programme Partners:
• Rising Women Rising World
• Women’s Action Committee, Palestine
• Women’s Studies Centre, Palestine
• Vimochana: Liberation for Women’s Rights, Bangalore, India
• CORO India and Women’s Federation of slums of Mumbai, India
• Maman Shujaa, DR Congo

Time for Paradigm Change?
Rescripting History to OURstory?

‘We aren’t just here to make a little noise
We are here to change the paradigm’
-Neema Namadamu, founder, Maman-Shuja: HeroWomenRising (DR Congo)

For three thousand years, patriarchal systems came to prevail around the world. Patriarchy swept into cultures that were once matriarchal and egalitarian. Notwithstanding cultural nuances, it became the norm on all continents to exclude women from all positions of political, religious, economic, social and cultural power, and to dominate, control and silence women in public and private life. The more ‘liberated’ countries of Europe and North America did not fare much better today than Asia or the Middle East in terms of violence against women or women in political and economic leadership.
The new paradigm is neither to reverse this history with the domination of women, nor to impose undifferentiated equality between the genders. The new paradigm is the writing of a new story of radical inclusion, scripted by everyone. It is a paradigm where power is enjoyed and shared by everyone, not by a self-selected few. It is a paradigm where those previously excluded are given special voice. This new paradigm also includes and empowers those marginalized for their gender or sexual differences, to whom their rights are belatedly being restored. It seeks to ensure that power differentials no longer creep into society – so that no ‘minority’ of any kind – gender, sexual, racial, ethnic, religious or other – is ever again subjugated to the oppression of the ‘majority’ who hold temporal power.


Past Activities:
-WVVW workshops