Leadership for the Future

Programme Objectives:
This programme champions and supports transformative leaders to steward our shared future. It showcases exceptional exemplars of visionary and integral leadership from diverse sectors around the world. It brings to light how they developed their unique leadership qualities and style.
This programme impels participants to question, explore and redefine the paradigm of power. Participants develop and embody the skills, values, principles and practices of transformative leadership that are essential to craft the emerging future.


Programme Activities
This programme proposes regular and commissioned tailor-made keynotes, seminars, academic courses, and intensive workshops for established and emerging leaders. This programme works in collaboration with a growing range of universities, academic and professional networks and institutions, responding to the needs and shaping the agendas of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.
Some regular annual activities include:
• St Gallen University Course on ‘Becoming Agents of Transformation’, with Prof. Alexander Schieffer, Co-Founder, Trans4m (2 min film)
• Geneva Centre for Security Policy: regular seminars to decision makers, policy makers and international and national civil servants on global security issues.
• TofT Leadership Troupe: a small group of committed leaders in social artistry who are applying the TofT process to magnify their leadership skills.


Programme Partners:
Universities & Academic Institutes:
• University of Oxford, Centre for International Studies
• St Gallen University
• Geneva Centre for Security Policy
• Meridian University
• Jean Houston Foundation for Global Leadership in Social Artistry
Professional Networks:
• WIN Women’s International Networking
• WE World
International Organizations
• United Nations Geneva Library

Time for Paradigm Change?
From the Love of Power to the Power of Love?
‘The day the power of love overrules the love of power
the world will know peace’
-Mahatma Gandhi
In ancient times, across cultures on all continents, leadership was recognized as a sacred responsibility. It was synonymous with service. It implied sacrifice of self-interest for the welfare of the collective. Only those endowed with virtues, values and wisdom were considered worthy to become leaders. Those who abused authority or abnegated responsibilities were removed from power. Ironically, this applied even in societies that believed their leaders were divinely elected.
It is only recently that leadership became quaisi-synonymous with self-aggrandizement – whether in politics, economics, finance, culture or even religion, Love of service was replaced by the love of power, wealth, fame and self-interest, regardless of the cost to others. This drive for power became the norm for leaders – and drove humanity to the brink of destruction.
The world urgently needs visionary leaders with the consciousness, courage and compassion to shape the future. Gradually, a new generation of leaders is emerging across all sectors with a deep motivation to serve humanity and the planet.


Past Activities:
Recent Tailor-made keynotes and seminars include:
• WE World Luminate Summit online: seminar on Leaders Enacting Transformation
• WIN Summit, Rome: closing keynote and workshop on transformative leadership
• Erasmus University College Commencement Address: Youth leaders pioneering the future.
• Human Resources Summit, Istanbul, opening keynote on the Heart of Leadership