The Art of Transformation

Programme Objectives:
This programme awakens the power of creativity we all possess. It pays tribute to the transformative power of culture and the arts. It portrays people in diverse and challenging circumstances who have transformed themselves and their societies by rediscovering and exercising their latent creativity. It highlights the lives, lessons and visions of artists and cultural catalysts from around the world, particularly in conflict zones, who embody the transformative power of art.
This programme ignites and enhances the inherent capacity we all possess as human beings to be creative and to transform our lives, our organizations and our world, regardless of the constraints we face. It reminds us that we all are artists of transformation!


Programme Partners:
1. Collaborating Artists: list & links to all artists with whom we have already collaborated:
including musicians/visual artists/film makers/theatre actors &directors (link to community)
Also: *Creativity Constellation of Rising Women Rising World
2. Partner Organizations: (link to community page)
• Mosaico: support network for refugee artists, founded by Safi Al Hafez (Syrian refugee)
• Dar al Kalima University College of Arts, Bethlehem, Palestine
• Istanbul Mosaic Choir ; Etc…

Time for Paradigm Change?
From resisting change to embracing transformation,
Human life is marked by fear of change. Human institutions are designed to resist reform. Human laws are crafted to avoid amendment. Yet, nature constantly reminds us that life itself is change, and everything that resists change becomes obsolete or extinct. Humanity is today in a state of turbulent transition. This is now the time to overcome our fear of the unfamiliar. Instead of letting our fear of change overwhelm us, we can learn to embrace the art of transformation. We can master the process of transformation and steer the evolution of our own lives and of our world.


Programme Activities:
This programme offers interactive public artistic performances that engage the audience in creative interaction and transformative dialogue, focused on critical issues facing humanity today. The performances are offered in collaboration with our wide and diverse network of collaborating musicians and artists, all of whom are committed to peace, justice and transformation.
All performances create circles of solidarity (link) between people and cultures. They raise funds for Theatre of Transformation’s transformative peace and justice missions, thus reinforcing circles of solidarity around the world. (*link to ‘Circles of Solidarity page)
All performances engage diverse members of the public in creative dialogue, and invite them to step on the stage of their own lives, to envisage new paradigms of power to shape our shared future, and enact transformation in their communities and in our world.
Follow up half-day or full day workshops or ateliers are also offered after the public performances, for smaller groups of interested audience members to master and apply the ‘art of transformation’ in their own lives, communities and organizations.