WHAT: Our Programmes
Catalyzing the Power of Paradigm Change
Our Programmes examine existing paradigms, and explore and enact new paradigms to respond to current challenges and reshape the future.

Our Five Programmes
We need innovative ways to transform today’s crises into tomorrow’s opportunities.
Our five programmes address five crucial issues that are tipping-points for the world today.
Each programme examines the consequences of current dysfunctional paradigms, and the emergence of promising new alternatives.
Each programme invites all participants to discover, examine, explore and enact new paradigms that respond to our current needs and future aspirations for life on earth.
Each programme has an individual dimension, applicable to our personal lives, and a collective dimension, applicable to our organizations, our societies and our world.

Performance-workshop on Paradigm Change, Vimochana Forum for Women’s Rights, Bangalore, Feb. 2017

The Art of Transformation
This programme awakens the power of creativity we all possess.
It pays tribute to the transformative power of culture and the arts.
It ignites and enhances the inherent capacity we all possess as human beings to be creative and to transform our lives, our organizations and our world, regardless of the constraints we face.
It reminds us that we all are artists of transformation!

‘Dynamics of War and Peace’ Performance, with Dr. Annette Idler  and Valerio Benevento, artwork by Tanisha Bhana, at University of Oxford, May 2016.

Leadership for the Future
This programme champions and supports transformative leaders to steward our shared future. It showcases exemplars of visionary and integral leadership from diverse sectors around the world. It impels participants to question existing paradigms of power, and to explore and enact new paradigms. Participants develop and embody the principles and practices of transformative leadership that are essential to craft the emerging future.

Leadership in International Security course at Geneva Centre for Security Policy, May 2016.

Women for the World
This programme celebrates and empowers women who transcend barriers and aspire to create ‘a world that works for all’. It connects and supports pioneering women leaders at the frontlines of crisis at grassroots, national and global levels on all continents, as they transform their lives and societies. This programme works in close partnership with ‘Rising Women Rising World’

Leaders of Women’s Federation in slums of Mumbai, March 2015.

Transforming Conflict to Coexistence
This Programme highlights the transformative potential inherent in all conflicts and crises.
It has two interlinked focus areas:
First: Understanding and transforming the complex dynamics of war and peace.
Second: Shaping innovative responses to the global migration and refugee crisis.
This programme offers critical, creative and safe spaces to explore and develop new pathways to transform these crises and transcend conflicts. Participants sharpen their capacity to treat every crisis as an opportunity for personal and societal transformation.

Artwork by collaborating artist, Tanisha Bhana (South Africa)

Transforming Dystopia to OURtopia: Enacting Global Transformation

This programme responds to the unresolved systemic crises we face in: governance and politics; economics and finance; climate and ecology; culture and religion. This programme invites participants to go beyond piecemeal institutional reform efforts, which have failed to bring about adequate change to respond to crises over the past decades of effort. It catalyzes collective efforts to enact global transformation by reimagining the global architecture and redefining the paradigms that underpin it.
Its overall objectives are:
(i) to foster, portray and amplify visionary initiatives to enact global transformation, and
(ii) to connect and support both communities of practice and epistemic communities engaged in rethinking and enacting global transformation.

This programme evokes us to ‘co-create tomorrow together today’. It awakens our creative capacity to transform the destructive and divisive dystopia of ‘I, me and mine’ we now live in to an OURtopia of ‘We, us and ours’ based on humanity, solidarity and collective wellbeing. 

This programme is undertaken in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies, through a collaborative research initiative entitled ‘Enacting Global Transformation’.

Founding Meeting of Rising Women Rising World, Oxford, November 2013.