Nourish our Culture of Gifting

Our Operating Principle is to nurture a gift economy, or a gifting culture, based on sharing and abundance. All members of our transformative community are invited to share their talents, skills or resources to further the aims of the Academy and enrich our community. The community in turn cherishes, cultivates and amplifies the gifts of each of its members for the greater good.

Our donors’ and supporters’ contributions are considered as gifts, to support our aims, and participate in this culture of gifting.

We welcome and value all your gifts: of talents, time, and money!

What moves you most in your life, and why do you wish to gift our community of transformation
What gift/s would you like to make, and how would you like to nurture and be nurtured by our transformative community

Thank you for your generosity!

We will contact you to process your gift.