The Theatre of Transformation’s Process:
(a) Embodies the stages of transformation undergone by individuals, communities and societies, through real-life testimonies from around the world.
(b) Leads participants through the four stages of this process to experience it for themselves and shape their own individual and collective transformative responses to crises and initiatives for change.

 The Four Stages:

  1. Witness what is

We begin by witnessing what is really happening in our lives and the world
through the enactment of pertinent real-life testimonies and poems.
The act of witnessing evokes our sense of humanity towards others
and of agency in our own lives.

  1. Awaken what can be

The enacted testimonies trigger the realization that transformation is always possible,
in all circumstances, however monumental the obstacles.
This awakens us to look beyond what is to what can be.
It ignites our inherent creative capacities and latent human potentialities.
We glimpse a cornucopia of possibilities, where earlier we may have only seen obstacles.

  1. Envision Change

We focus on the one vision of change that calls us most powerfully.
We step towards our vision by designing the strategy to realize it.
We step into our vision by embodying within ourselves
the change we wish to bring in our lives and the world.
Our vision becomes a compelling force for change when we fully envision and inhabit it.

  1. Enact Transformation

No vision can be enacted in isolation.
We need a supportive ecosystem to initiate and sustain transformation.
We start to create transformative spaces within and around us to generate change.
We begin to identify new or hitherto unrecognized allies, resources and opportunities.
We become magnets and magnifiers to enact our own and nurture others’ transformation.