HOW: Our Process & Products 
Manifesting The Power of Transformation
Theatre of Transformation Academy invites us to discover and manifest the power of transformation we all possess, even and especially in the midst of crisis.

Our Testimonies of Transformation
Theatre of Transformation’s starting point is the enactment of testimonies of real-life people facing and transcending obstacles, and initiating visionary change.
All testimonies presented are of people we have encountered personally and of communities we work with, particularly in crisis areas.
The voices, visions and wisdom of such individuals and collectives are infinitely varied, but their common lesson is lucid. Transformation is always possible. Transformation always begins with ourselves, and inevitably affects everyone and impacts everything around us.
The act of witnessing these Testimonies of Transformation of ordinary-extraordinary people in all parts of the world catalyzes a four-step process of transformation in participants.

Peace Mission to Orissa, meeting Adivasi, indigenous villagers, with Swami Agnivesh, February 2013

The transformative process of Theatre of Transformation takes us on a four-stage journey to:
AWAKEN Possibilities
ENACT Transformation

Closing Plenary, Women’s International Networking Summit, Rome, September 2016

Our Transformative Methodology
The four-step process we offer was developed specifically to transform crises and enact visionary change. It is based on deep analysis and profound understanding of the diverse processes of transformation occurring within individuals, communities, organizations and countries affected by crisis. It is shaped by input from distinguished scholars and practitioners around the world, and informed by decades of academic and professional expertise in international relations. It offers a powerful synthesis of cutting-edge Transformative Methodologies from diverse disciplines developed by pioneering experts including:

  • The Integral Transformation model
  • Social Artistry and Human Potential
  • Conflict Transformation and Transformative Justice
  • Quantum Science’s Paradigm of Life

‘Agents of Transformation Course’ for St. Gallen University students, at Home for Humanity, November 2015.

We offer a distinctive range of products to engage diverse audiences and target groups to transform crises and initiate visionary change.
All our products and formats are tailor made to each context, audience and host organization.
They integrate Testimonies of Transformation and our Transformative Process to each situation, to deliver maximum impact and benefit in each setting.
Our target audiences are:
* Leaders and decision makers
* Women, especially survivors and emerging leaders
* Peace, justice, humanitarian and social activists
* Youth and Students
* Practitioners and Policy makers
* The Public: all citizens of our interconnected world

World Investment Summit, Business Women’s Award, United Nations Geneva, October 2014

Artistic Performances: to engage the public in responding humanely and creatively to global crises, and to envision and enact transformation.
Performances feature enacted real-life testimonies of transformation from around the world through theatre, poetry and movement. They are accompanied by distinguished musicians passionate about peace and justice, and feature powerful artwork by collaborating humanist artists dedicated to social and ecological transformation.
The performances are followed by creative interaction and dynamic dialogue with the audience, inviting them to ‘step on stage’ to script new responses to personal and global challenges.

Dynamics of War and Peace‘ performance with Dr. Annette Idler at University of Oxford and Graduate Institute of Geneva, May-June 2016

Transformative Seminars, Keynotes and Academic Courses: for leaders, policy-makers, scholars, practitioners to transform crises and pioneer new pathways for positive change. The Theatre of transformation process is tailored to the needs of each summit, conference, course or forum, and activates strategic and creative thinking to deliver impactful processes and outcomes.
Courses and Seminars for Women Leaders: A key priority is to nurture and champion emerging women leaders worldwide through specially designed courses and seminars.

Seminar for policy makers on Justice and Reconciliation at Geneva Centre for Security Policy, January 2017.

Catalysts Courses: intensive courses to prepare and accredit motivated facilitators to apply the methodology and offer TofT programmes globally. These courses integrate the transformative process of Theatre of Transformation, and adapt it to each participant’s needs and context. The course supports participants in evolving their distinctive leadership style.  Drawing on the repertoire of resources and skills provided by the Theatre of Transformation process, participants design their path to enact their vision, and fulfill their purpose. Catalysts remain connected to and supported by each other and the Academy, as they unfold their leadership journeys to shape our shared future.

Agents of Transformation Course for St. Gallen University students, at Home for Humanity November 2016. 

Transformative Peace and Justice Missions: to countries faces political, cultural or development crises support local leaders, students and civic activists. These missions elicit and honour the voices, visions and wisdom of ‘extraordinary-ordinary’ people in crisis areas, and strengthen their innate power to transcend injustice and build peace. Safe spaces are provided for affected individuals and communities to articulate their testimonies of transformation. Interactive performances and integral dialogues are offered for participants to apply the theatre of transformation methodology to local contexts. Creative and material resources are provided to local peacebuilders and justice advocates to envisage and enact innovative change initiatives

Peace Mission, Hebron, Palestine, February 2016

Women’s Circles of Voices, Visions and Wisdom: to provide safe and empowering ‘incubation’ spaces for women to story their lives, share their insights, and to envisage and enact their visions for transformation. Women within communities and across countries come together in circles to co-mentor and strengthen themselves and each other. They discover that, ‘when you find the power within yourself and with each other, you have the power to change anything in the world‘ – to quote our local partners in CORO-India, the women community leaders in Mumbai’s slums. 

Women’s Circle of Voices, Visions and Wisdom, Ramallah, Palestine, December 2013 

Mentoring and Advisory Services: to emerging leaders, and to global and local organizations seeking to enact their purpose, and manifest their full potential. The objective is to support the emergence of a new generation of individuals and organizations capable of and committed to effecting personal and systemic transformation simultaneously. We mentor and advise individuals and organizations to become transformative leaders with the compassion, creativity and courage to shape new paradigms as old paradigms crumble. This transformative leadership is grounded in inner power to guide and evoke, rather than outer power to dominate and manipulate. It creates shared ownership and belonging for everyone, and values all life. Such leadership is no longer optional but essential to transcend current challenges of divisiveness and fragmentation and forge a positive future for humanity.