Creating Circles of Solidarity

Theatre of Transformation Academy proposes a novel form of solidarity that is simultaneous, mutually reinforcing, exponential – and egalitarian. Our Philosophy is to create circles of solidarity between people of diverse cultures to nurture transformation simultaneously in our own lives and in the lives of others, while generating resources for transformative peace and justice missions.

How does it work? How can you join?
Circles of Solidarity as a Novel Form of Corporate Giving and Corporate Social Responsibility
We invite companies of conscience committed to a CSR or corporate giving policy to partner with us in creating circles of solidarity. We work with you to design programmes that meet your organization’s specific needs while activating the circles of solidarity philosophy. You not only experience the impact of our transformative programmes, but also have the satisfaction of knowing that your investment in your company’s and team’s transformation contributes simultaneously to supporting transformation of crisis-affected communities and pioneering grassroots organizations you feel drawn to support.
Create Circles of Solidarity in your Life, Organization or Community
We invite you to integrate this philosophy into your own life and work, in your own distinctive way, and to experience its benefits and positive impact.
Feel free to contact us to discuss how you might adapt this philosophy to suit your particular organization or community, or how to apply it in your own life.
If you, your organization or company would like to Create Circles of Solidarity with us, please contact us:

We look forward warmly to creating circles of solidarity with you!