Theatre” is a metaphor for the dramatic world we live in.
Theatre of Transformation unveils the world as it is today: terrible, tragic, yet tingling with possibilities, and ripe for renewal.
Testimonies of Transformation express and activate our human potential to initiate visionary change despite all odds. 
Theatre of Transformation Academy engages us to envision and enact what the present moment demands, and the future calls forth.

Theatre of Transformation is…

… a Catalytic Artform
weaving real-life testimonies, poetry, music, dance and visual art, to activate our human potential and creative capacity to reshape our shared future.

… a Pioneering Methodology
of human development, education and training to redefine paradigms and ignite positive change.

… a Transformative Process
to champion visionary leadership and craft innovative solutions to global and local crises.

… a Multi-Cultural Community
of exemplary citizens, coalitions and organizations on all continents, effecting change in all dimensions of life.

… an Open Invitation to Witness what is, Awaken what can be, Envision change, and Enact transformation!


Testimonies of Transformation

  • Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

    Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, Peace builder, laureate of Right Livelihood Award

    Wajir, Kenya
    One day, we women had enough of war and violence.
    We met and discussed for days till we made a plan.
    Then we called for a meeting with the Shura Council
    and proposed our three conditions:
    First, a gun-free zone in our village
    Second, peace negotiations with the other clans
    Third, that women join the Shura council
    We told our men: if you don’t agree,
    there will be consequences.
    We women will go on strike, all of us:
    In the kitchen, in the fields, in the markets,
    and even in our beds!
    They accepted our conditions!
    That’s how we began to build peace together.

  • Hans Peter Duerr portrait

    Hans-Peter Duerr, Nuclear Physicist, laureate of Right Livelihood Award

    You know, I spent 40 years of my life studying matter
    Until I finally realized what I should have long ago:
    That Matter does not exist!
    The question ‘ what exists’ has no meaning
    The question we should ask is ‘what is happening’
    What really matters
    Is what is in the background all the time:
    It is consciousness!
    People think what they see is reality.
    They hold on tight to things to have certainty and security.
    But it is not by clinging –
    It is by letting go that you find the answers.
    Life is really like a dance!

  • Testimonies Collin Sekajugo, Rwanda

    Collin Sekajugo, artist, refugee returnee, Founder of Ivuka Arts Studio, Kigali

    I grew up as a refugee in Uganda
    When I came back to Rwanda after the genocide
    My first thought was this:
    how can we rebuild a society
    Without beauty, without art?

    So I created Ivuka Arts studio
    To bring about a renaissance in Rwanda.
    All our artists have different stories and ethnicities,
    But here, we all work together like one family
    It’s our responsibility to change society for the better.
    Our problems will always be our own problems.
    We must solve them from the core source.
    With this mindset, we can serve humanity
    And make our world a better place to live.

  • Mama Angelika leader of ANFASEP Peru with war victim

    Mama Angelika, Quechua mother, justice activist, Founder of ANFASEP

    Ayacucho, Peru
    18 July, 1983: that’s when the army kidnapped mi hijo,
    My son, Arquimedes, when he was only 19:
    From that very day I started protesting
    Outside the Casa Capito, the army barracks.
    So many mothers, like me, gathered there daily
    To demand the release of our loved ones
    We mothers who knew nothing about our rights
    We demanded justice daily with broken hearts.
    One day, I realized: We need to organize ourselves.
    Juntos: together we are stronger!
    We created ANFASEP: “The National Association
    of Families of the Kidnapped, Detained & Disappeared.
    We Quechua paid the price of their dirty war
    We seek reparations so our lost souls can find peace.

  • HOW Voices workshop CORO Women's Federation Mumbai slums March 2015

    Biju and grassroots leaders of Women’s Federation in Mumbai’s slums

    CORO, Mumbai, India
    We are the women of the slums of Mumbai
    We tolerated daily violence in our homes and streets
    In silence, till we realized that to change the world
    We must first change ourselves.
    So we created women’s circles to listen to each other
    That is how we found our power lies within ourselves.
    We saw that there’s little we can do alone
    But there’s a lot we can do together
    So we created an Action Task Force:
    When any woman is abused at any time in our slums
    We all appear on the spot and stop the violence.
    Many of our men who abused us now support us.
    When we find our power within & with each other
    We have the power to change politics and society.


Happenings of Transformation

  • header_theatreschoolfestival

    35th World Congress of the International Theatre Institute

    18 July 2017,  Segovia, Spain.

    Rama Mani and Maryann Perrone are leading a performance/workshop EnACT-Theatre of Transformation at the 35th World Congress of the International Theatre Institute in Segovia, Spain.

    This initiative aims to evoke critical rethinking of prevailing paradigms of power underlying today’s intertwined crises of war and governance, and to shape new paradigms of power by fostering creative thinking, humane responses and innovative initiatives among scholars, policy makers, practitioners and the public.

  • 6 July Impact Hub Geneva Uniting Beyond Borders

    UNITING BEYOND BORDERS: The Co-Creative Art of Transformation

    Thursday 6 July, Impact Hub – Geneva

    Embark with us in a co-creative journey of transformation through music, theatre, poetry and dance. Meet transformative artists from today’s warzones, refugee camps, and eco-sanctuaries who create peace and co-existence through art despite all odds.


  • United Nations United Beyond Borders 4 July


    Tuesday 4 July, United Nations Geneva Library.

    A Concert-Conversation With Transformative Artists from Warzones and Eminent Global Experts.

    Embark with us on a creative journey with transformative artists to today’s warzones and refugee camps, through music, theatre, poetry and dance. Discover the real-life testimonies of transformation of people resist violence and create peace amidst war; who turn suffering to strength, as they flee devastation at home and seek safety across frontiers.